Monday, October 5, 2009

I Wonder...

Have you ever stopped to wonder how other people would love to be perceived by the society, Despite their obvious social image? I was thinking about this for sometime and actually found the underlying and hidden thinking process to be quite fascinating. As shown in the below examples, i attempt to break this mental code behind each and every role that live among us. This is how they converse with their conscious mind;

1) Marketing Executive/ Sales Representative or that pushy Sales guy ;

His thinking process (How he would like us to think of his mentality)

''I'm not making anything out of this to be honest, i feel like the customer just don't get the idea, even after he has gone through all the paper advertisements and other information sources about the product. Sure he has seen the TV commercials and fully aware of the benefits, I really want him to have this because this is beyond just a product (maybe even something spiritual). They might not like me as a person ( as they call me ''that pushy bugger'' ha!), but it's for their own good, I'm even prepared to go through intense verbal abuse i.e. ''I don't want your Motherlovin product!!!'' etc, Being ignored i.e. 1023 Unanswered calls etc, and even physical harassment i.e. ''Slamming the door on my face leaving me with a cute flat nose'' etc, Just to make their life better by somehow getting them to buy my product. I only hope that they'll understand someday, i feel sorry for them... Sincerely, But Till then... I'LL NEVER GIVE UP''

2) Brand Manager

His thinking process ( Now lets see how he would like us to think of his mentality)

''Come on now, who doesn't like to watch a Nice TV commercial placed in between a lame and monotonous story line? I know its your favorite drama and you waited a whole week to see what happens next, but nobody have the ''Eye stamina'' to watch it at a stretch right? Imagine, a whole hour without a break...pfft, I don't know about you but my eyes will definitely pop out!. And IMHO ( In My Hogwash Opinion) the majority does not change the channel during breaks,because thats what they were waiting for, for Gods sake! Don't you remember the days you were schooling? No? well i do... and i'm not speaking for myself when i say that i was basically dieing for the bell to go off announcing the interval. And as our latest research shows, People like Breaks! so there... And this is not the only way that Ive chosen to liven up the day to day life of all the lovely people out there. What about all the wonderful packaging on your favorite products ?? ha?**Jeez this is such a thankless job :( ** . And what ever happens I'm sticking with the truth. all those catchy taglines are actually the bitter truth.For example Mcdonalds ,''I'm lovin it '' line, portrays how addictive their brand manager finds the burgers to be.

And every day i'm trying to come up with new ways to entertain people.Who said customers? we don't want them to buy our product, oh no! it was just entertainment, And anyways who's dumb enough to purchase, for example a Fat burning tablet just because of the fake before and after photos (Non-prime time comedy, get it?? he he ...we are funny right?) and the comments made by a paid model? No one!!! People aren't stupid. ''

3) A blogger

His thinking process ( Finally.. the most unimportant role)

"I have lot of other things to do besides blogging, i mean i have a beautiful life, and did i get carried away by the fact that i'm so lucky ?? nah! I still finds time to write something for the not-so-fortunate souls who are searching the web tirelessly for someones else's opinion on some Bullcrap issue. Whether they follow me or not i don't really care. But i know that there are more than 7 Billion people out there connected to the web just thinking of what to type on the google search bar, and i know that they count on me, coz IMO my opinion matters a lot to the society. I'm super unique and more intelligent than the most intelligent creature on earth (Dolphin IMO).And i believe theres nothing right or wrong, Its just good marketing and bad marketing. And i have something to say... ALWAYS!!''

I wonder.....

Mr.Erratik (still wondering...)

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