Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love at first sight : Part I

Looking back, I’m still surprised about the amount of time our eyes were locked on to each others. I think she was the one who initiated it, and I joined in later. Her flawless fair face was a bit tilted to the side, couldn’t see her neck as she was wearing a grey colored scarf, which had a thin consistent crimson line, around her to keep the cold English breeze away. I think that was the first time I came to realize that soul stirring effect of a pair of those infamous blue eyes. How should I describe the exact color? I think it’s pretty close to that refreshing shade of deep blue visible on the ridges of Arctic glaciers. They glistened with some kind of an undefined mysteriousness, trying to speak out to me. I can’t point out the exact emotions that emanated from them, but all I can say is I just didn’t care at that moment. It was as if an art enthusiast who’s standing frozen in front of a newly discovered painting in an art exhibition. He is not worried about the meaning as yet, he is still admiring the sheer beauty of it! Every little detail was innocently demanding close attention. Even though they were bursting of youthfulness, I’m certain that I noticed a mature, intelligent and an independent glow in her eyes. A sudden icy breeze which intrudingly swept across us, made her long wavy golden hair fall on her face. But she didn’t seem like she cared much about it, thankfully the wind has failed to interrupt this beautiful moment. I don’t think neither of us blinked more than a couple of times. Time was moving infinitesimally gradually, as if the god of time is having a brief moment of drowsiness. Then finally… she smiled.

As soon as I snapped out of the trance, all I wanted to do was, walk up to her, open up my mouth and say ‘’ You are …just beautiful’’. I maintained the soul searching ritual as I inadvertently moved towards her. Suddenly the students who were waiting for their respective buses, shape-shifted( or as they appeared to have) into super-natural beings with blurry plasma like bodies outside the bus stop, as my focus was completely on this gorgeous girl with breath taking eyes. I don’t know how my approach appeared to a vigilant onlooker, but when I got closer, that mystical mesmerizing effect of her eyes intensified, so all I succeeded in saying was ‘’Hi! Its sure is freezing outside huh?’’. To which she replied with a shy smile revealing a dimple on her left cheek, ‘’I think winter is approaching faster than we expected’’.

To which I followed up with,‘’ Yeah. I couldn’t recall seeing you in the first two weeks of induction, you missed it?’’ Still maintaining eye contact and occasionally looking away to avoid unwanted awkwardness. ‘’ I arrived only two days ago, oh yeah, I heard that I’ve missed a lot. By the way I’m Daina’’ Smiling, right hand reaching out. At this moment I was cursing the winter from the inside, for had it not been for this coldhearted weather we would not be wearing these clumsy winter gloves, which prevented me from feeling her hand.’’ I’m Sithum,So from which part of the world are you Daina?’’ An unemotional gentle shake through thick wool gloves took care of the usual tradition practiced when interacting with someone for the first time, as I got more comfortable with her eyes. “ Lithuania, And you? ,oh let me guess…um… Brazil?’’. That cracked me up as this was the most ‘’far off the target’’ guess ever made about me, based on my looks. Smiling ‘’ Brazil?? So do you find Brazilians attractive then?’’. Thinking she made the right guess, but changing her mind later ‘’ You are Brazilian?? Oh my gosh!! Seriously? Nah you are bugging right? I know you are!’’ playfully punched me on my shoulder as an acknowledgement of the fact that she understood the sarcasm. ‘’I don’t know what you are good at, but it’s definitely not making wild guesses, I’m from a little island paradise called Sri Lanka, ever heard of it?’’

“Oh I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country, Never been there though’ ‘.” Yeah it’s beautiful alright, and I think… is it?...yes, that’s my bus’’ noticing the last Westbridgford bus approaching.’’ Do you have lectures tomorrow?’’. ‘’Yeah at 3.00’’ she replied. Walking backwards cursing my luck, ‘’4.00 o’clock at the coffee spot’’ . I hopped inside the bus and gave her a smile through the foggy bus window as if to say ' Till tomorrow' to which she responded by mirroring me.

Mr.Erratik ( Still not sure why i posted something this close to me)

Special Note From Mr.Erratik

You all thought I've actually attained nibbana after my last post ( The Realization)? ha? Nahh, far from it. I was involved with my studies ( Some diploma),And never found time to think of something to write for Somethingbeyondlife.

So now i'm back,( Not back like, ''I've found a new passion for blogging and i'm gonna kick the shit out of you other pathetic bloggers'' or anything, just back ;)), lets see what i come up with.

Before posting something brand new, Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you( the 5 of you to be precise) for sticking with me.

Can't wait till i post my new article, to see how much i have change during the course of 1 month.

Once again. Thank you!

PS: ( Ms.Burb : I finally replied to your comment on ''The Realization'')

Mr.Erratik ( Who?)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Realization

The Realization

Theres something beyond what we see
There has to be something
How do i know? Not quite sure
But they have seen that something

Who are they? Are they human?
They just has to be earthlings
Of course! we share the same frame
But their minds are active

We perceive things too,how come we are blind?
We are all one, There are no individuals
True, but what they sense, they don't carry
Leave it at the origin, that's they're ritual

How do they do that? it's against the nature
We are supposed to fall in love with worldly pleasures
They say existence is not the answer
So they let go off all things, The same things we treasure

Is that a solution? what do they get?
Our true purpose of life is to reproduce and die
They know you feel that way, they thought just like you
until they found out that, we have the power to rise

If i had just a little bit more money, ill be fine
Then i could finally enjoy, coz spirituality is beyond me
If theres no water, how could there be fish?
Their version of spirituality goes far beyond ''Me'

Is there actually something beyond this?
We are born with that question engraved in our minds
They were curious as us, but their approach was different
They were never in search of something, they stopped even trying

''Why?'' is that the question to ask ?
''when?'' is more appropriate, from where should we start?
There's no beginning to a cycle,nothings beyond that logic
Breaking away is the solution, from the wheel of this cart

I could scream all day, '' I don't want to get old!''
If everything is mine, how come i can't control
If i get it, i get attached, if I don't, i get mad
They are the true victors, I'm still at war!

Mr. Erratik ( Intelligence is the realization of our own ignorance!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vinci, and the origins of his ...

''You are a total sell out!''
You must be wondering, Why? How come i'm a Sell-out all of a sudden? What about my originality? what about my compassion towards my fans/followers/lunatics? I was trying to reach out to them. I just wanted to express myself in a way, in which it brings people together. This is beyond entertainment, a gift from god to the society. I'm just the medium. Every time i work on something new,i get possessed by a divine spirit, my senses shut down. Its like i'm going through all the bizarre things that an extraterrestrial abductee has experienced, in that brief history of time. After spending a few moments like this on the 7th dimension, i return home, Only to find out that I've lost half the ink of my pen, The writing pad which was clean minutes ago was dirtied with a piece of sacred literature which, apparently, has an encrypted message hidden inside.

On weed or not that's how a revolutionary, spiritual or a politically conscious artist would like us to think of him. Maybe he's right. I don't have any questions regarding the authenticity of the story of '' The origins of my Shit''. He could be a Philosopher, a Revolutionist, a Pretender/21st century politician, a Musician or just a worthless blogger. The claim of him being in direct contact with God is his U.S.P ( Unique Selling Proposition). That's how he differentiate himself from the rest, his way of standing above competition like a fully bloomed lotus in a pond, his way of communicating to the world that he's the embroidered patch, while all the others are just a mere stroke of paint on the fabric. What do i have to say about it? "All the best with your campaign, and hope you achieve all of your marketing objectives as planned!''

But haven't you noticed a certain pattern in the works of many of these artists? The first few works of art attracts the initial crowd due to it's rawness, and Vinci's (Hypothetical artist) attitude says something like '' I don't give a shit whether you admire this or not, this is my way of expressing myself! Don't like it? then GTHO( Get the hell out) !!'' The demon dominates, when the artist becomes aware of his own popularity. Then what does Vinci do? he starts doing things to satisfy his new fans. And when Vinci starts to grow in popularity, and when it's like a ''Trend'' to become one of his fans, his fame hits the climax. With hundreds of awards, his own reality TV show, Vinci clothing line, and his birthday, June 12th, declared as ''Vinci day'', a public holiday, Vinci has officially become DA SHIT!

Every one his happy, except for a few( here we go again... the annoying minority). Remember the folks who were the first to admire his works? The folks who were attracted by the rawness of his initial works of art? They are so disappointed, Some of them even got together and started their own website ''. In Vinci's point of view however, his decision was reasonable. He can't pretend to be the same Ol' and attract more followers can he? He had to make that swift change in order to become more successful in a larger scale. Had he not switched, there'd be no awards, worldwide recognition, his TV show and most importantly a ''Vinci day''. Sure he had to make some sacrifices on the road to success, and amongst the heart broken were his true fans, the people who loved him for his talent not for his fame. Worth the sacrifice? You decide...

Mr.Erratik ( The only thing that's permanent is the eternal impermanence!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Warrior Mind

Warrior Mind

We move when you sleep
and what you listen,we hear
when you panick, we dream
while you're here, we're there

Never talk coz we speak
what we are, is what you're not
you only taste while you eat
that means we're in, while you're out

What you think, we have done
your future is our past
what you see, we have watched
when you bleed, we enhance

We don't live, when you try
what you give, we provide
we know, you believe
you just rot, when we die

You don't fly , we don't swim
you could drown, we can fly
we don't teach, we just reach
Its your earth, it's our sky

We relive, you resent
what we spend, is what you get
we forget , but you lend
when you're set, we eject

We don't love, you could hate
what you need is what we want
when we go, you could stay
when we're home, you're alone

You breath, when we feel
when you scream, we're awake
what you touch,we have cleaned
it's the crust that we've baked

When you're still, that's our thrill
when you starve, we're alarmed
we could harm, you just cheat
we willl seek, when you're calm

As for you its the ''me'',
as for us we are free
We are warriors
we breed underneath your beliefs

Mr.Erratik (Killer!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blogging in greek : Traffic in Heaven

ZEPHYRUS : End of another day, won’t be long till Nyx takes over. Eos is fast asleep so you won’t be worried about work as yet.

EURUS : Ahh seems like Chronos is working overtime these days, or unless they’ve started using finer sand in hourglasses.


EURUS : Is everything alright mate? You know you can talk to me.

ZEPHYRUS : Before talking about me, first tell me are you on Ganja or something? Always grinning like you are high, what’s up with that?

EURUS : Ohh that…he he. Don’t mind telling you this, but after a long time, I feel as if I’m getting younger with every passing day.May Hebe be praised! Sure I’ve done enjoying my prime, but those times are ancient now. Now I sense like I’m getting back in to that supreme form again, rejuvenated, vivified and…

ZEPHYRUS : Well good for you! Isn’t it just a remarkable coincidence that I feel exactly the same way?

EURUS : Really? Then why do you look so upset?

ZEPHYRUS : Gotcha you old goof! ha ha…(* In a serious tone of voice*) Joking aside, actually it’s the complete opposite for me. Don’t know what’s wrong with me but I tell you… I’ve been keeping this inside for some time now. Haven’t you noticed anything unusual about me lately?

EURUS : Well, yeah… you’ve been acting strangely for quite some time now...

ZEPHYRUS : Strangely?

EURUS : The spot light was on you at the pantheon. And everybody was talking about your ‘’change’’. And to be gruesomely honest, at least you are not that egotistic a**hole anymore. Even though i'm not convinced at all personally, people seem to like you now.

ZEPHYRUS : What’s happening to me man? Everything was just perfect yesterday, and now… Look at me! I feel like i'm just a mere shadow of the person I used to be, it won’t be long before I get treated like crap in the pantheon. Remember when they offered me the seat next to Zeus, the majority thought that I’m more powerful than the man himself, heck I even thought like that myself! And when they took that back from me… they took my soul with it. I mean what did I do to deserve this? Why is everything happening to me?... look at you for instance, getting all this promotions and stuff. I don’t give a shit, but you haven’t even thought of doing 10% of the work I’ve completed in my time.

EURUS : You think so? And let me ask you this, from where did you find the power to complete your so called work? You didn’t rob from any one right? Everything was readily available at your place I guess. My HOLY ASS! Dude you cheated… admit that, Do you think, just because the Pantheon is made up of fossil old gods, that they are blind? Everyone knows that you are a manipulative, evil minded and a greedy bastard, who has no history nor a culture. And I don’t expect any respect from you, since you don’t know what the word respect means. Look around you look what you’ve done… You’ve brought hell up to the place of heaven. This was a beautiful place man… this is the place where humans hope to get reincarnated after leading virtuous lives on earth...Shit! And it’s completely natural for you to feel jealous of me, because whether you like it or not, IT’S MY TIME NOW!

ZEPHYRUS : Ok, I cheated. So what? Ever heard of the theory of evolution? Does the phrase natural selection, ring any bells? Or how about the survival of the fittest?

EURUS : Survival is not just stuffing up your body with food for a day or two, it’s a continuous process of long term existence via making adaptations which doesn’t oppose the laws of the universe. You can’t just consume everything in your sight just for the sake of appearing colossal, and call it survival of the fittest. More like a temporary “Uprisal of the thickest” for me. And it might’ve seemed like the everlasting bliss that you were so hungrily searching at first, but too much power too soon can act like a hallucination, which alter the reality in your senses while the objective reality continue to exist in a place beyond your cognition. You lost the respect of gods long time ago, but they never opposed your actions because of bribes. When they look at me, they don’t see you ZEPHYRUS, I’m just one of them who’s trying stand up on my own. I’m not the reason why your Empire is cracking up, your own greed is the reason for your downfall.

ZEPHYRUS : You are talking as if I’m reduced to dust already. Maybe I’m worrying too soon, maybe this whole thing is just a little glitch in the space time continuum, I can make this right! And it’s never too late because I’m still… breathing!

EURUS : Your future has already been manifested by your past and the present. And in due time Apollo’s prophecy will be fulfilled, you’ll be joining Thanatos shortly, And it’s too late to even think of a way out. I’ll leave you with this thought, actually a deep lesson I learned in my previous life as a human.

“ No matter how many vehicles you overtake, there will always be someone in front of you’’

Telos ( The End).


Zephyrus: Greek god of the west wind

Eurus: Greek god of the east wind

Nyx: Greek goddess of night

Eos: Greek goddess of dawn

Chronos : Greek god of time

Hebe: Greek goddess of youth

Zeus: C.O.B of the pantheon

Apollo: Greek god of basically everything. (god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; medicine and healing; music, poetry, and the arts; and more)

Thanatos: Greek god of death

Mr.Erratik (Producer, Director, Make-up artist, cameraman and the cinematographer)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unbiased and Unusual : ( Dynamite Tricks)

Yes, we are all aware of Freemasons and illuminati conspiracies thanks to Dan Brown and his brilliant marketing strategies. What's so brilliant about it? well... let me ask you, what do you think is the best selling book ever? Which piece of literature holds the record? If your answer is ''The Kamasutra'' you are a sick pervert! and the only reason why you visited my blog is the pic of Miss D
outzen Kroes in the background of the title(Jeez!).Well.. anyways the correct answer is ...yes? The Bible! of course. So what will happen if you reveal a whole new, hitherto unexplored, side of the main role in the Bible? Everybody will want to know what its about ya? And with a target market of around 1/6 th of the world, what are the chances of that being a flop?

This article is not about the Holy grail nor is it about the merongivian blood line, This is about america, where patriots like Bill O'Reilly defends other patriots like George bush. As a person who has never been to america in my whole life and as an islander who never gave a shit about their existence except for that extremely emotional Cosgrove 911 call on Youtube, I hereby present my unbiased view on Obama and the New age America! ( Not dissing the open minded and the kind hearted americans here)

I'm not trying t
o sound controversial but ''Obamafication of the USA'' seems like a well marketed attempt to develop the horrible image of america, in the eyes of rest of the world. I mean whether FOX news agrees or not, The brand name ''America'' triggers the same negative feelings as its brainchild Mcdonalds does, in the consciousness of the majority of the world community. Something had to be done about this, Because we are living in an era where the West is descending with the sun and the east is slowly ascending with it, in the morning. This immense competitiveness requires not only an O3 friendly product, but a good brand image as well. (Green economies and Amicable politics).

After some Mind-boggling marketing, and cutting edge PR programs, ''The Directors (illuminatis? Masons? Heck how am i suppose to know?)'' of the USA managed to appoint a new Brand manager,In hopes of rebuilding its image. Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama to the rescue!

Attributes of Obama and the reasons behind them( How they were used) or in other words why Obama is the best person to develop a good image of america...

1) Black guy- to address the people who think that america is a country where racial profiling is practiced even today. Having a black guy as a president eliminates even a possibility of a debate.

2) White mother - To give the white folks (majority=voters=votes) some assurance,

3) ''Hussein''- A stand out selling point to cool down the Muslim world

4) Family man- To address the people who thinks that USA is messed up culturally,(Remember ''Clinton & the pros'' season 1?)

and finally

5) A weak opponent - JM, Who actually guaranteed a win for Obama ( Palin sealed the deal).

The recent Nobel prize will only add up to His impressive CV and clear the doubts of any one who was not satisfied with his presidential campaign and the huge image building process. Obama bashers will have to think twice before launching a verbal attack from now on. Once again another step towards the positive image building process. Its an absolute pleasure to watch these proceedings as they unfold, because the underlying marketing strategies are just Awesome!

And about the peace prize, remember Gandhi never won a nobel but Yasser arafat did.Kinda questions the credibility huh?

Mr.Erratik (Nobel = Inventor of Dynamite, Nobel peace prize = Literally Da BomB!!)

Peace is the prize that you have to pay if you want to play with Nobel's invention.