Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love at first sight : Part I

Looking back, I’m still surprised about the amount of time our eyes were locked on to each others. I think she was the one who initiated it, and I joined in later. Her flawless fair face was a bit tilted to the side, couldn’t see her neck as she was wearing a grey colored scarf, which had a thin consistent crimson line, around her to keep the cold English breeze away. I think that was the first time I came to realize that soul stirring effect of a pair of those infamous blue eyes. How should I describe the exact color? I think it’s pretty close to that refreshing shade of deep blue visible on the ridges of Arctic glaciers. They glistened with some kind of an undefined mysteriousness, trying to speak out to me. I can’t point out the exact emotions that emanated from them, but all I can say is I just didn’t care at that moment. It was as if an art enthusiast who’s standing frozen in front of a newly discovered painting in an art exhibition. He is not worried about the meaning as yet, he is still admiring the sheer beauty of it! Every little detail was innocently demanding close attention. Even though they were bursting of youthfulness, I’m certain that I noticed a mature, intelligent and an independent glow in her eyes. A sudden icy breeze which intrudingly swept across us, made her long wavy golden hair fall on her face. But she didn’t seem like she cared much about it, thankfully the wind has failed to interrupt this beautiful moment. I don’t think neither of us blinked more than a couple of times. Time was moving infinitesimally gradually, as if the god of time is having a brief moment of drowsiness. Then finally… she smiled.

As soon as I snapped out of the trance, all I wanted to do was, walk up to her, open up my mouth and say ‘’ You are …just beautiful’’. I maintained the soul searching ritual as I inadvertently moved towards her. Suddenly the students who were waiting for their respective buses, shape-shifted( or as they appeared to have) into super-natural beings with blurry plasma like bodies outside the bus stop, as my focus was completely on this gorgeous girl with breath taking eyes. I don’t know how my approach appeared to a vigilant onlooker, but when I got closer, that mystical mesmerizing effect of her eyes intensified, so all I succeeded in saying was ‘’Hi! Its sure is freezing outside huh?’’. To which she replied with a shy smile revealing a dimple on her left cheek, ‘’I think winter is approaching faster than we expected’’.

To which I followed up with,‘’ Yeah. I couldn’t recall seeing you in the first two weeks of induction, you missed it?’’ Still maintaining eye contact and occasionally looking away to avoid unwanted awkwardness. ‘’ I arrived only two days ago, oh yeah, I heard that I’ve missed a lot. By the way I’m Daina’’ Smiling, right hand reaching out. At this moment I was cursing the winter from the inside, for had it not been for this coldhearted weather we would not be wearing these clumsy winter gloves, which prevented me from feeling her hand.’’ I’m Sithum,So from which part of the world are you Daina?’’ An unemotional gentle shake through thick wool gloves took care of the usual tradition practiced when interacting with someone for the first time, as I got more comfortable with her eyes. “ Lithuania, And you? ,oh let me guess…um… Brazil?’’. That cracked me up as this was the most ‘’far off the target’’ guess ever made about me, based on my looks. Smiling ‘’ Brazil?? So do you find Brazilians attractive then?’’. Thinking she made the right guess, but changing her mind later ‘’ You are Brazilian?? Oh my gosh!! Seriously? Nah you are bugging right? I know you are!’’ playfully punched me on my shoulder as an acknowledgement of the fact that she understood the sarcasm. ‘’I don’t know what you are good at, but it’s definitely not making wild guesses, I’m from a little island paradise called Sri Lanka, ever heard of it?’’

“Oh I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country, Never been there though’ ‘.” Yeah it’s beautiful alright, and I think… is it?...yes, that’s my bus’’ noticing the last Westbridgford bus approaching.’’ Do you have lectures tomorrow?’’. ‘’Yeah at 3.00’’ she replied. Walking backwards cursing my luck, ‘’4.00 o’clock at the coffee spot’’ . I hopped inside the bus and gave her a smile through the foggy bus window as if to say ' Till tomorrow' to which she responded by mirroring me.

Mr.Erratik ( Still not sure why i posted something this close to me)


  1. Ahhh to still be seen like that by a to a woman, and a gem she NEVER stops wearing in her heart no matter the age!

  2. *Cough* finally you opened your mouth. "Daina from Lithuania" uh... not bad. *Cough*

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